I started at Crossfit Broken Chains after I realized I needed something more in my life. I had let myself go after getting out of the Army and serving overseas in Iraq and got up to almost 400 lbs. I got promoted to a new job at the hospital I worked at and decided it was time for a change so I started losing weight on my own and lost about 40 lbs by running and going to a normal gym on my own but I didnt know much about what I should be doing. I had heard of Crossfit but never had the nerve to try it until a long time friend told me about CFBC. 


When I finally began coming to CFBC, there was a lot to learn and I was very intimidated but that lasted about a week or two. After meeting all of the coaches and fellow athletes, there is nowhere else I could ever picture myself. No matter your size or ability, the lengths they go to in order to identify your goals, your challenges, and then give you a clear path to success. They allowed me to break through the biggest chains that have always held me down which is my self-confidence. To be able to learn and be successful with this family has been one of the best things in my life. I am now down to nearly 250 lbs and still working towards my ultimate goal. 


If I had to give anyone one piece of advice, it would be to get out of your own way. Take that first step and just do it and never look back. Let CFBC become your Crossfit home as well. 




Before starting at CFBC my fitness regime consisted of me trying a bit of everything. In the past I worked with a personal trainer,I did kick boxing,I did cycling classes and I did zumba. I generally enjoyed working out but I got bored easily, once I stopped feeling challenged.I took a year off from any and all workouts to recover from a knee injury . Once I made the decision to get back into working-out I surprisingly got a phone call from a friend ,who was a coach,asking me if I would be interested in joining a crossfit gym. I was in the process of researching gyms to join, so the timing of that phone call was perfect. I had never heard of CrossFit but I was wanting to get into shape ,so despite the anxiety of trying out something new with people I didn't know, I reluctantly said yes. As I reflect on my decision to try out something new,CrossFit, I believe it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. CFBC is all about breaking chains and CrossFit helped me realize that I had many chains that I needed to break, chains that had been holding me down for years. The  first obvious chain,that needed to be broken, was the physical chain that held me down. I had never been a physically strong person, for most of my life I was always one of the smaller and weaker in the group and that took a toll on my confidence. CrossFit has helped me to become physically stronger and therefore my confidence has grown as well. The second chain that I strongly believe crossfit helped break for me was the chains of a sleep disorder that I had been struggling with since I was a teenager. Within a year of crossfit my sleep disorder seemed to have vanished. I can't explain how it happened or what it was about crossfit that did it, but I know that my life is better for it and I am incredibly thankful. If you are looking for a gym where you will always be challenged and encouraged CFBC is the gym for you. The coaches are amazingly talented and the culture of the gym is infectious. The gym is full of good, down to earth people that you genuinely want to hang out with.




I started CFBC in August 2018 not knowing what I was getting myself into, yet only committing to it for the four months I signed up for. Quickly, I learned that it was different than any other workout I ever did, with the movements pushing me beyond what I thought I was capable of and the coaches encouraging me to go further. The community at CFBC is one where each athlete matters and are supported not only by the coaches, but the other members. Being a part of the CFBC family (we truly are a family) has given me so much more than fitness ability; although it’s exceed my expectations in that department. Whether you’re a seasoned CrossFit athlete or someone new to it all, as I once was, CrossFit Broken Chains is a place for everyone. I’m so grateful for the impact it has had on my life!