What is Foundations?

The three elements that ensure safe and effective training are mechanics, consistency and intensity. The CFBC Foundations Program provides each athlete with a solid base of skill and knowledge before starting CrossFit classes.

You will learn the nine foundational movements of CrossFit and how to do the movements correctly. You will also learn how to do CrossFit safely through the use of good technique, proper range of motion and a safe mindset. Lastly, we want all members to get the most out of the physical effort their putting forth so you’ll also learn proper nutrition and will learn to develop your own personal nutrition plan.


Whether you are a former athlete, a stay at home parent, someone whose never worked out or a current phenomenal athlete, this program is infinitely scalable to your specific ability. We pride ourselves on being able to offer the best and most supportive and knowledgeable staff of trainers and community atmospheres you’ll ever find.

This Foundations Course is $75. Foundations consists of three practical classes or an intense two hour course with a workout at the end of the class. Included in your Foundations Program are the following:


  • Weigh-In

  • Before Photos

  • Personalized Nutrition Plan


Foundations classes are offered during one week each month. To sign up for this month's course CLICK HERE. If you need a custom schedule please feel free to call or email and request a custom schedule. We try very hard to accommodate all schedules.



May 22nd 10:30AM to 12:30PM

Need a custom schedule? Call or CLICK and let us know! We'll try to accommodate you.


The air squat is a fundamental movement that is a part of our human biology.   It is not an exercise created by a trainer or coach but is a natural human movement. Everyone can and SHOULD squat. Foundations #1 will teach proper squatting and the CrossFit Methodology. You'll end Foundations #1 with an introductory CrossFit workout. 


During Foundations #2 you will learn the Press, Push Press, and the Push Jerk and Push Jerk Split. Learning these moves during Foundations will prepare you for adding weight later as you get stronger. Foundations #2 will also teach you the five unchanging elements of all CrossFit moves. Foundations #2 will end with a workout. 


Foundations #3 will teach the final foundational movements of CrossFit and consists of a classroom portion on nutrition. You will learn proper nutrition food pairings and will begin a personal nutrition plan. You guessed it - you'll end with a workout! You are now official! Sign the Bond book and welcome to CFBC! 

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