our BOND

I am a Broken Chains athlete. I am devoted to the constant pursuit of excellence both here in my gym and wherever I go. I will train hard and give my best effort in every workout. No matter where I am in my fitness journey, I remain a constant work in progress. I know that health and fitness are not unattainable goals available only to an elite few. I have the power to change my mind and my body to more nearly reflect the man or woman that I am on the inside. As I transform myself I will encourage my family, friends, co-workers and acquaintances. I will share the knowledge that I gain to bless everyone in my circle of influence.

I will treat this gym and everything in it as if it were my own. I will wear the callouses on my hands and scrapes on my shins as badges of honor. I will never cheat a repetition or round in any workout. If I ever miss a time cap or fail a lift I will not hang my head in shame – the defeats that I encounter will only make me stronger. I will honor fallen service members and their families by sharing in the temporary suffering associated with “hero WOD’s.” 

If I ever finish first, I will become the first cheerleader for the athletes behind me. If I ever finish last I will not be dismayed. I will encourage and help the other athletes in this bond to the best of my ability. I will welcome all newcomers warmly and make them feel at home. I affirm by my signature that I will be a man or woman of honor, courage and commitment and exemplify the tenants put forward in this bond to the best of my ability.